1 day Tour from Casablanca to Chefchaouen

1 day tour from Casablanca to Chefchaouen

Overview :

1 day tour from Casablanca to Chefchaouen is the one that makes you discover bleu-city in a short time. Many of our customers want to visit Chefchouen but they don’t have enough time, that’s why our company they propose this 1-day trip to make them enjoy and happy.

Chefchaouen (bleu-city) is a city in the north of Morocco; it was founded in 1471 by Moulay Ali bin Rashid.

Chefchaouen has a special cultural lifestyle that has emerged as a result of cross-fertilization for centuries of traditions.

Chefchaouen selected in 2010 as a symbol of the Mediterranean food system by UNESCO. In addition to the cultural ingredients whose importance is enhanced by traditional crafts and Local products


Day 1:  Casablanca-ksar elKbir-Chefchaouen

The tour starts from your accommodation (hotel) early morning at 6:00 am. and we will take the highway.

We will stop for breakfast, then we will continue the road through the breathtaking scenery of the fertile coastal plains, continue the route to the RIF Mountains area, After all these scenes. A white and blue city will appear at the foot of the mountain. This is Chefchaouen the bleu-city

After lunch and a break, you can wander around its alleys and you can take many memorial pictures, and you can wander alone or with a guide to get to know more about the city. There are historical palaces, mosques, and great attractions. After your visit, we will go back to Casablanca, and we will take the same road back, and we will drop you off in your accommodation.